About us

The importance of environmental management services to the future wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants can no longer be denied. It is crucial to understand that environmental management is not, as the phrase could suggest, the management of the environment as such, but rather the management of the interaction of society with, and their impact upon the environment. Energy Resource Optimizers cc understand fully that it is a systematic approach to finding practical

ways for saving water, energy, and materials, as well as reducing negative environmental impacts, resulting in an increase in operating efficiency. Energy Resource Optimizers cc was established in 2002. Since then ERO has grown into a service provider whose product offerings are recognised by a number of blue chip companies in South Africa as being world class , environmentally conscious and contributing substantial savings to their clients’ bottom line.

ERO’s team currently offers more than sixty years experience, knowledge and skills in the hospitality, commercial and light industrial sectors. The whole team shares a joint passion for energy efficiency and sustainable environmental practices. With each and every project the client may rest assured that they are in very capable hands and each team member will bring this expertise to the table for the successful completion of each facet of the project. ERO is 51% black owned, a corporate member of SAAEs, a member of SESSA (Sustainable Energy Society Southern Africa) and a member of SAEE (Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency).