The services offered by Energy Resource Optimizers cc assists business owners and industry leaders with advice on the management of your utilities (energy, water and waste), as well as educating your employees on world class practices , resulting in both the reduction of your environmental footprint and your costs.

Energy Audits

Investment Grade Energy Audits (IGA)
An IGA will identify how energy is consumed as well as energy conservation measures, recommend technologies and process improvements and will result in a cost benefit study of recommended measures

Energy Management Effective Audits (EMEA)
An EMEA assesses the way energy is managed in an organisation and focuses on policies and procedures. Ten business areas are evaluated and an action plan provided to ensure successful implementation of the Sustainable Energy Management Plan (SEMP).


ERO has extensive experience in the design, supply, installation and optimisation of the following technologies:

  • Industrial and commercial water heating systems and heat pumps
  • Efficient lighting
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Geyser control systems
  • Demand Control System
  • Water reducing devices
  • HVAC optimisation
  • Fuel switching
  • Utility Metering

Energy Management Training Programs

The training programs are customised to the customers operating environment. The following interventions are available:

Energy Management Training Course
Full 8 hour “Energy Management for non-technical people” course.

Energy Management Awareness Workshops
1.5 — 2 hour staff workshops to educate and create cognizance for energy conservation.

Energy Management Education Sessions
0.5 – 1.5 hour interactive game show for all levels of staff to highlight inefficiencies in a fun and informative manner.

Utility metering and information Systems

Web based service whereby customers can view consumption information. Typical information available would be electrical consumption profiles, water consumption profiles and other parameters such as temperatures etc. Utility bill verification, utility budgeting etc

Energy Consulting

Consulting with regards to energy benchmarking, feasibility studies and new developments.

Sustainable Energy Management Programs

The Sustainable Energy Management Program (SEMP) offered by ERO provides the following:

  • Elevate energy management to board level by establishing an Energy Steering Committee;
  • Develop the energy management policy statement;
  • Develop and implement a customised energy management plan. The plan addresses energy management within all the traditional business elements. Sustainability is ensured through:

– customised action plans derived from regular audits
– education and training interventions
– identification of energy conservation measures including behavioural, operational, equipment and technology measures
– implementation of most viable measures

  • Monthly energy management reports
  • Annual tariff analysis
  • Regular visits by one of our Certified Energy Managers
  • Assistance with any energy related matters, unbiased product reviews and feasibility studies.

This is an ongoing process that will transform from development to implementation and ultimately sustainment of the benefits. As all the required systems; processes and people are put in place, sustainability is guaranteed.